Cosplay & Comic Con

As if Comic Con wasn’t already cool enough! Now you can be one of the first to get a custom 3D Figurine of yourself in costume! It’s super easy and fast. Not to mention an unforgettable experience!

If you’re into Cosplay, you know how much effort goes in to the creation of the costume, the look, and the props, and what better way to pay homage to your work than to have a 3D printed life-like figurine of you as your alter ego.

Wouldn’t that look grand on the mantle of your fireplace or as the centerpiece for your coffee table?

You wouldn’t be the only one who thought so. People lined up for the opportunity to create just such a piece when they attended the Calgary Comic Expo for 2017.

The photo part is generated by a camera-rigged booth is more metaphorical but consists of 86 cameras, with a 3 foot scanning area, upon which the subject poses while their image is captured from every angle.

It takes only 7 sec to complete the scan, so we can do a couple of poses and scans to capture just the right one.

After all of those images are collected, they are then stitched together to create a digital 3D model of you in all of your glorious finery. This image is then emailed to you as a “Gif”.

Now, some people would choose to have that figurine painted so that it accurately reflects the full polychromatic impact of their attire. But before you commit, there is another option.